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Each kitten that leaves Doober's PurrDolls leaves with a special kit made just for them.

Hoping to make their journey to their new home more easier.

Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) Registration Papers

Home Made Birth Certificate

Doober's PurrDolls Home Made Kitten Care Booklet

Baby Photos - Home Made and Taken by Debbie Allen

Vet Records - Heath Check Report - Shot Records

My New Veterinarian's Website (Andi Thompson)

My Old Veterinarian's Website (Sharon Jensen)

World's Best Cat Litter

(sorry, no longer can give out the cat litter, the company has stopped giving them out. I also do not suggest

using this cat litter, I have learned the cats do not like it, and you get accidents in your house :( )

Kitten Toys (Breeders Choice)

Bag of kitten food Innova or California Natural

And no longer receive a complimentary kit by Royal Canin:

I do not feed my cats or kittens this food no more, so I do not hand out the kits.

Anything you see in the picture saying Royal Canin on it will no longer be included.


Please Note: Kit is subject to change, may not include the exact toy in picture, or tote bag.

Also vet records may be different, due to my vet giving me different information for handout.